The White Boar Cider Farm:

Cider Press

Our cider press, made from ancient oak beams

It has been our dream to grow an English cider apple orchard here in Croatia, overcoming the differences in climate and conditions in the hope of producing a decent English Cider.
To this end, in 2014, we started to plant local apple varieties and grafted them with famous English cider apple varieties. Most trees have now reached the first or second year of fruit bearing and, despite the dry summer heatwaves and the deep cold winters, we now have a small but healthy young orchard of cider apples.
We have experimented with many types and to date the most succesful have been Dabinett, Kingston Black, Tom Putt, Somerset Redstreak, Yarlington Mill, Tremletts Bitter and Crimson King. Other types have shown good vigour but have yet to fruit, particularly Broxwood Foxwhelp and Le Bret. We are hoping to add nore varieties to this unique Croatian orchard.
The press and cider cellar are ready and waiting for our first crop and by Autumn 2018 we saw our first serious pressing.

We also distill our own Plum Brandy with fruit from our orchards, employing a skilled master to handle the still, known locally as a "Happy Machine". This delicious and often potent aperitif is matured in oak barrels and is available all year round.

Plum Brandy

The happy machine working hard